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Lisa J. Stalley, MBACP Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor & Trauma Therapist
In Farnborough

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Recommended Books,
Videos & Websites
for Self-Help & Support

Resources. A-Bereavement1-fw


'Embracing Life After Loss'
'Losing My Best Friend
'On Grief & Grieving'
'The Bereavement Code'
Cruse Bereavement Charity
Online Bereavement Support

Resources. A-Depression1-fw

Depression / Anxiety

'Feeling Good – The Mood Therapy'
'Unclutter Your Mind'
Mind Mental Health Charity
Turn2Me Online Support
Self-Help for Anxiety
Self-Help for Depression

Resources. A-Domestic-fw

Domestic Abuse

'The Body Keeps the Score'
'Boundaries – After a Pathological Relationship'
'Invisible Chains'
'Trauma and Recovery'
Domestic Abuse Support
North Surrey Domestic Abuse Advice
Stop Domestic Abuse
National Helpline for Domestic Abuse
Men's Advice Line
Get Help Now - for Men

Resources. A-Eating-Dissorder-fw

Eating disorders

'8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder'
'Eating Disorder Recovery Handbook'
'Overcoming Binge Eating Disorder'
'Overcoming Body Image Problems and Body Dysmorphia'
'Starving in Search of Myself'
Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
Anorexia -NHS
Anorexia Blog - Telegraph
Beat Eating Disorders
Over-Eaters Anonymous
Anorexics & Bulimics Anonymous
Self-Help for Anorexia
Self-Help for Bulimia
Louis Theroux 'Talking to Anorexia'

Resources. A-For-men-fw

For Men

'Boys Don’t Cry'
'This Book Could Help'
'Coping with Erectile Dysfunction'
'Tantric Sex'
'For Men Only-...Guide to the Inner Lives of Women'
'Where Did My Wife Go – ...Menopause, Mid-Life Crises & Empty Nest'
'Counselling for Toads'
Strong Men
Men & Mental Health

Resources. A-Women-fw

For Women

'My Fertility Guide – ...Get Pregnant Naturally'
'It Starts with The Egg'
'The Perimenopause Handbook'
'The M Word'
'For Women Only – ...Guide to the Inner Lives of Men'
Women's Mental Health
Women's Health
Women's Aid

Resources. A-mums-fw

For Mums

'Birth Trauma & Postnatal Depression'
'10 Steps to Beat PND Without Drugs'
'The Little Book of Self-Care for New Mums'
Networking for Mums
Mums Aid
Healthier Together - Pregnancy Support

Resources. ForTeensGeneral

For Parents

'Diary of a Baby'
'How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen'
'The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read...'
'It Didn’t Start with You'
'Mindful Parenting in a Chaotic World'
'5Love Languages of Children'
'The Incredible Teenage Brain'
'Understanding and Responding to Self-Harm'
Young Minds for Parents
Family Lives
Gingerbread for Families
National Childbirth Trust
Free Courses for Parents
Parent/Carer Support
Parent/Carer Dependency Support (Anonymous)

Resources. ForTeensGeneral2

For Teens - General

'Assertiveness for Teens'
'Inventing Ourselves – In Search of the Teenage Brain'
'5Love Languages of Teenagers'
'Boy, the Mole, the Fox & the Horse'
'Mindfulness Journal for Teens'
'Transgender Teen'
'Why Your Parents are Driving You Up the Wall & What to do About It'
'Counselling for Toads'
Childline 0-16
Young Minds
Top Apps for Young Minds
Health Support for Young People
Guide to Eating Disorders

Resources. Teens Workbooks

For Teens - Workbooks & Guides

'Stopping the Pain – ...Teens who Cut and Self-Injure'
'Bullying Workbook for Teens'
'Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens'
'LGBTQ Teen Survival Guide'
'Teenage Guide to Friends'
'Teenage Guide to Life Online'
'Teenage Guide to Stress'
'Trans Teen Survival Guide'
Anonymous Support if your Parent(s) Drink too Much

Resources. A-relationship-others-fw

Relationships With Others

'Games People Play'
'How to Break Free of the Drama Triangle & Victim Consciousness'
'I’m OK, You’re OK'
'5Love Languages for Couples'
Relationship Self-Help

Resources. A-relationship-self-fw

Relationship With Self

'I’m Worth More'
'Self-Esteem Workbook'
'Solo Success'
Self-Help on Emotions
Self-Help on Negative Thoughts
Self Compassion Help
Self-Esteem Help

Resources. A-selfharm-fw

Suicide Ideation & Self-Harm

'Reasons to Stay Alive'
The Samaritans
Online Mental Health Support
Suicide Ideation Self-Help
Confidential Emotional Support Line

Resources. A-time-management-fw

Time Management

'How to Stop Procrastinating'
'Cluttered Mess to Organised Success Workbook'
'To-Do Formula '
Self-Help for Procrastination
Self-Help for Problem Solving

Resources. A-trauma-cp-fw

Trauma - CpPTSD

'Complex PTSD - From Surviving to Thriving'
'Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga'
'The Breaking Free Workbook'
'Waking the Tiger – Healing Trauma'
Suppport for Recovery of Childhood Abuse
NHS Guide to CpPTSD
Healthline Guide & Symptoms of CpPTSD
Trauma Responses - Ted Talk Video
Types of Dissociation Video

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