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Lisa J. Stalley, MBACP Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor & Trauma Therapist
In Farnborough

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What I Can Help With

“To master others takes strength, but to master yourself is true power” Lao Tzu

Attention Deficit and Poor Memory
Conflict Management
Critical/Negative Thoughts/Voices
Decision, Making/Problem Solving
Depression/Postnatal Depression
Domestic Abuse
Eating Disorders
Emotion Overwhelm
Identity/Role Confusion
Loss and Bereavement
Panic Attacks
Performance Anxiety
Emotional Instability Disorder (formerly Borderline Personality Disorder)
Psychosomatic Conditions (physical ailments with no medical explanation)
Relaxation/Sleep Disturbance
Social Anxiety
Suicide Ideation
Trauma – CpPTSD/PTSD
Work-Related Stress/Job Loss.

Potential Outcomes

Through counselling and psychotherapy, you can achieve greater self-awareness and find self-acceptance, harnessing you with the ability to choose how you respond to life’s challenges in a way that is right for you. You can master your unique perceptual lens, and gain insight into how others experience you, giving you the power to build strong and meaningful relationships.

You can gain a better understanding of your emotions, why they make you feel the way they do, and learn ways of managing them so they no longer control you. You can learn techniques to contain the unbearable and often humiliating symptoms of stress, anxiety, panic attacks and anger. Our emotions are important and fighting them is a waste of energy that we can put to better use by working out what they are trying to tell us, and channelling them to get us the results we need to thrive, and not just survive.

Feeling Less Alone

There are some things in life we all face and there is no magic wand to eradicate these difficulties, but there can be comfort in having a sanctuary to work through the loss with someone who is there solely for you, and who you don’t have to be strong or put on a brace face for or worry about burdening.


I will not tell you what to do or give you advice, but I will support you to find your own answers. Sometimes it will be necessary to do homework or practice the skills learned in our sessions throughout the week otherwise you will not benefit from them.

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