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Lisa J. Stalley, MBACP Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor & Trauma Therapist
In Farnborough

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“Thank you so much for saving me from myself. I think you are a brilliant professional on many levels”


"I would not hesitate to contact Lisa again if I feel I need support in certain areas of my life. Lisa helps you to confront difficult emotions in an empathetic and tranquil way. Without Lisa’s support I would be in a different place today. I would unquestionably recommend Lisa as a confidential, professional, and compassionate counsellor. Thank you Lisa"

“Lisa is incredibly approachable while maintaining a very high level of professionalism. From my first session, I have found it easy to open up to her and have never had any fears of judgement or cynicism. Lisa draws on both Psychotherapy and CBT techniques according to need and encourages Mindfulness in everyday life. She has also taken on various training opportunities in order to support our sessions and better understand some of the conditions that I demonstrate; always personalising the treatment to me. The most important thing for me, however, is that she manages to gently encourage me to face my concerns and anxieties, whilst simultaneously reminding me that my fears are completely warranted; ‘we just need to see where they have come from and how we can sate them’. I highly recommend Lisa as a supportive and approachable therapist who personalises her treatment and really gets to know you as a client”

“For most of my adult life I’ve been hiding a heavy burden of shame and guilt following years of childhood sexual abuse. The secrets and lies and feelings of self-loathing led me down the path of addiction, anxiety and depression. I’m relieved to say that thanks to my counselling sessions with Lisa, I am no longer in pain and I am finally finding the real me. Using the skills Lisa has taught me, I am battling my demons and learning to be kind to myself. Lisa is wonderfully wise and extremely kind. I feel like she understands me and I’ve learnt to trust her and her methods – I cannot thank her enough for helping me on my journey to find inner peace”

“Lisa has thoroughly helped and supported me. She makes me feel stronger and more able whenever I leave the sessions”

"Lisa gives good perspective which is very thought provoking”

“Thank you so much for saving me from myself. I think you are a brilliant professional on many levels”

"Thank you so much for the hours of help you’ve given me, I really do feel lighter every week”

My Personal Journey

My training was motivated from a lifetime of working with vulnerable people and of my own personal struggles as a forces wife for 16 years, a mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend and foe.

For years I suffered in silence believing I was worthless and to blame and deserving of everything bad that had happened to me starting when I was a tiny baby, just weeks old. I felt like I was different to everyone else and that I didn’t belong anywhere. As a mother I lived in constant fear of not being good enough because I had never known what it was like to be loved and cared for by a mother. My emotions were unbearable and I battled them by secretly self-medicating with alcohol by night whilst exhausting myself to be a people-pleaser and perfectionist by day.

I never realised I was suffering with Complex PTSD which had been misdiagnosed as borderline personality disorder, caused by traumas suffered during infancy, childhood and adolescence, because I was too scared to tell anyone the truth, or ask for help, and I had never felt able to trust anyone.

After years of training and three years of personal therapy I am not only surviving, but truly living and appreciating every second of my day.

This has given me personal as well as professional insight into the isolation and debilitation psychological, emotional and physical distress inflicts upon a person.

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